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Young software engineer sharing quirks of the art

Some years ago, I switched jobs and lended with a mentor who only swore by Dvorak and vim. Although I was not convinced I had the mental space to learn yet another keyboard map, I had heard of vim in uni and decided to give it a go. As for any good programmer, I had stumbled upon vim when working on servers and got myself stuck in a buffer because I didn't know that in order to quit the thing, I had to use :q!...I …

Lately, there definitely has been a trend of pair programming popping everywhere: just peeking at the most read articles on Medium last month, and you can’t say I’m wrong. It feels weird to me, as if our community is somewhat late to the party. As of right now, our processes have evolved: pair programming was becoming cool half a decade ago… So why is it getting traction lately? And what about now? How can you still be hip in your daily job?

Don’t forget that this is an opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt. Everything depends…

A Neat Trick to Easily Upgrade the Readability of Your Unit Tests

Have you ever heard that tests are supposed to “drive your development” (thus the name test- driven development): you should think about your desired outcome, make sure your new functionality will work as intended and only then are you going to implement it. That’s what TDD is supposed to be. And… What if I told you that you could even upgrade your tests to more easily drive your development?

More often than not, your code will be interacting with something else, whether it be an API, some underlying…

Olivier Gamache

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